Deteng, Baby, Deteng!

Two Trees in the Garden

I keep talking here about letting go, relinquishing attachment.  You might get the impression that I am advocating the life of a hermit or an ascetic.  Not at all, not at all.  In fact today let’s talk about engagement, true action, the kind of action that happens without grasping, without attachment to outcomes.  Perhaps there is a good word in English for this.  Since I have not found it, I have invented one – deteng, or short for detached engagement.

What we seek to relinquish is not action, but the grasping at hopes or the shrinking from fears about outcomes of our actions.  These things, in fact, obstruct pure action in life and destroy the beauty and benefit of true living experience.

Take the moment I am in at present.  I have committed, right now, to write this week’s blog entry.  It is very tempting to worry about what the…

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6 thoughts on “Deteng, Baby, Deteng!

  1. Most of our time and energy is dedicated to following the dictates of our individual minds and egos. Hence, we remain tethered to our lower reality in what might be called attached engagement. Or atteng. Making a conscious effort to dedicate all we do (and equally important, what we think and say), to our own precious unfoldment can remove the illusion that outcome will be the measure of our success.
    I see you blissfully typing away…
    Many blessings, brother.

  2. As always, Jerry, you are incredibly deep! Food for thought indeed: deteng. If I understand what you are saying, I believe that as a teacher, this is what happens when I converse or dialogue with my students. Type on, type on … !

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