The Prayer As I Hear It

Creator of all, with realms beyond imagination, blessed be your numberless names.  Your community come, your way be done, right here, just like you intend.

Open us today to your gift of enough.  You have forgiven us.  May we forgive ourselves and each other.

Keep us from lashing out in our isolation and fear.  Deliver us from the lie of separation.

For we and everything seen and unseen are yours.  Your beauty, your joy drive creation.  Love wins.


© Jerry S Kennell, Two Trees in the Garden.  Feel free to quote, as useful, with proper reference.

Jerry Kennell provides spiritual direction in person and by online video at Two Trees Center for Spiritual Development.  Contact or by phone or text to (970) 217-6078.  Click FOLLOW to be notified of future posts.

4 thoughts on “The Prayer As I Hear It

  1. Hi Jerry. This is profound. Simple. Elegant. I might be able to even say this one!

    By the way, thank you for sending Your friend, John, our way.

    Much love, Jerry

    Spoken to my iPhone

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